NELCO Training, Inc. is a group of key industries and businesses who have joined together to form a non-profit corporation for the purpose of providing training in a cost effective manner. NELCO participants work in a cooperative environment with government and education to provide training opportunities, and act as a conduit to available services by having special guests and ex-officio members, such as KCC, Dept for the Blind, Voc, Rehab, VA and others to attend the monthly meetings.

NELCO Training, Inc. can customize training to fit your company’s individual needs. Work together with your fellow industry and education leaders to…

  • Reduce Training Expenses
  • Increase Profits by Improving Worker Efficiency
  • Coordinate Training Between Companies
  • Improve availability of a well trained workforce
  • Serve present employees and develop a trained pool for future hires

Our Mission

The NELCO Training, Inc. consortium is organized and will be operated for the development of the economic and industrial welfare of Nelson County, Washington County and surrounding counties, and that in carrying out its corporate purpose, the consortium shall be a partnership between education, government and business, and will place emphasis upon employee training and development.

Training Expertise and Best Practices

How Can NELCO Training, Inc. Benefit Your Company?

    • NELCO has formed a partnership with the Nelson County Area Technology Center, Adult Education and Elizabethtown Community & Technical College to provide coordination of training services.
    • Companies are surveyed to determine their highest training needs.
    • Classes and training programs are scheduled with the cost being shared by the member companies.
    • NELCO employs instructors or consultants to provide the training.
    • The participants evaluate all classes in order to provide continuous improvements for the training programs.
    • New companies are always welcome to join NELCO.
    • Makes community and state-wide resources available to member companies.


Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at host locations in Nelson and Washington County. Presenters are invited to give brief presentations on topics of interest to the membership.  These presentations include a wide variety of topics of interest to business and industry often providing new resources to company members. They include representatives of participating companies who discuss current and future training opportunities, and funding available such as:

    • Computer
    • Maintenance
    • Supervision Skills
    • Effective Communication
    • Teambuilding
    • Dale Carnegie Courses
    • ON-THE-JOB Training
    • Grants
    • Specialized Training
    • Secure training grants, i.e. BSSC, KCTCS-TRAINS funding and Employment & Training funds (WOIA)

Membership Fees/Year:

    • Less than 50 employees: $125.00
    • Over 50 employees: $250.00

NELCO can be your connection to training expertise and best practices!

Contact Info:
Stan Carton
Executive Director
(502) 232-0478

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